RSI Team

Our combined experience has given us the skill and knowledge to provide clients with the best professional services that can be provided in the building envelope consulting industry.

Team Leaders

Wes Thone, RRC, RRO

Senior Consultant/Principal

William Waugh, P.E., RWC

Senior Engineer/Principal

Tim Pekron, RRC

Senior Consultant/Principal

Kurt Reed

Senior Consultant/Principal


Jennifer Kaplan, AIA
Senior Architect/Consultant

Luke DeKarske, P.E., BECxP
Senior Structural Engineer


Chang Yang

Mary Owen

Project Managers

Mike Casello

Andrea Noonan

Scott Wikstrom, RRO

Sean Gage, RRC

Dan Trenda, RRC

Mike Pederson


Jaime Nelson

Adriana Rodriguez

Carole Pekron

Field Team

John Feil, RRO

John Stueve

Bob Schoenecker, RRO

Shane Yang

Jason Ranta, RRO

Jon Trenda, RRO