The building envelope experiences tremendous abuse due to environmental exposure. Water infiltration, temperature variation, freeze-thaw cycles, acid rain, and ultraviolet radiation. All conspire to damage its components. This damage typically varies in degree depending on numerous factors. RSI performs investigations to assist the owner in determining the cause of building envelope problems and recommends the most appropriate and most cost effective solutions.

For the building envelope to perform effectively, the building’s many complex components must work together to manage moisture, air and vapor migration into the building.

In many cases, knowing building envelope standards is not enough. A thorough understanding of relevant building codes, current/past performance and compatibility issues related to the variety of building components is also required.

Since RSI’s inception, we have performed thousands of building envelope inspections/reviews where we have seen first hand what works and what does not. This intimate knowledge and experience has allowed our staff to identify and assist in resolving potential building enclosure issues.

RSI’S Summary of Investigation, Testing & Reporting Services:

  • Roof, Façade & Waterproofing Assessment
  • Failure Investigations
  • Moisture/Air/Vapor Intrusion Studies & Testing
  • Infrared Surveys
  • Facility & Asset Management Planning/Management