Our Community

We believe in helping our communities thrive.

At Medina Electric we believe and encourage our team members to be an engaged member of their local community. We are committed to helping communities thrive within our marketplace. It’s a commitment rooted deep in our culture and the belief that we can use our value of serving others to be a catalyst for positive change.

Throughout the year, our team members dedicate many hours of their time and energy to create positive change or offer support in their local neighborhoods. Whether it is helping install electrical wiring for a military memorial, installing a smart board at our local Christian school, wiring a swim spa for Make a Wish, participating in a Habitat for Humanity team event, delivering Christmas trees to needy homes, participating in the local community fun-run or serving as a team coach for the local youth sports team, members of the Medina Electric team are committed to volunteering and giving back their time and efforts by serving their local communities. Now, more than ever, communities are relying on the private sector to share resources and help drive meaningful change. At Medina Electric, we’ve always valued community service and have been fostering this “culture of service” since we first started our business 48 years ago.